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Data Protection

Data Protection

Data Protection is not a problem

There is a huge amount written about the GDPR (2018) and much of it complicated and worrying. However, the good news is, if you’re a small charity, you’re careful with your data, you’re not sharing it and you’re not using your data for “marketing” purposes, you’re safe. Make your own assessment of this but if you’re in transgression you will be advised and warned before any action is taken.

Data Collection

The data held by any GNTM setup is very basic – no more than a name and address and the fact of a visit. At your discretion you could add information about the appointment, but that’s not essential. All people in the data are required to agree to having this simple information stored electronically and have the option to request their data be removed.

Data Purge

In order to maintain historical records GNTM does not completely delete old data but makes it anonymised. For example, a trip to a hospital would still be recorded but you would not be able to discover the client or volunteer.

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