Good Neighbours Transport Manager
Making Arrangements

GNTM Works For All Good Neighbourly Services

A good neighbour Good Neighbours Transport Manager (GNTM, AKA Good Neighbours Trips Manager) fulfills a need where groups of volunteers run a "Good Neighbours", "Communicare" or "Neighbourcare" scheme to provide transport and other good neighbourly services to people in their local community who need a helping hand.

Booking Transport And Help

Good Neighbours Volunteers

Good Neighbours Transport Manager has been developed with contributions from groups and drivers who actually operate within a Good Neighbours environment. Not surprisingly, volunteer groups don't all work in the same way. If your group arranges things differently from scenarios already covered, GNTM may develop to embrace that difference.

Good Neighbours Bookings

GNTM is a booking system specifically built to manage transport where volunteers take people to places and lend a helping hand while they’re there, or any other volunteering tasks that may be required, such as: befriending; help with filling in forms; shopping; collecting prescriptions; gardening; odd jobs etc. All requests are taken in the old-fashioned way by telephone or face-to-face conversation. These requests are then administered by online software to communicate with volunteers. It's an ideal fusion between old and new. This is about helping people in the local community using the best methods of communication.

Typical Good Neighbours Transport

Most Good Neighbours schemes concentrate on providing transport to hospitals, doctors, clinics, dentists and other medical appointments. Some groups also offer lifts for social visits, shopping, hair dressers and many other things where someone cannot easily get to without help.

Many Good Neighbours groups operate their transport booking system with paper or maybe Access, Excel or Google Sheets and all sorts of cobbled together systems that require a lot of training and a lot of wasted time. GNTM solves this with a simple solution available securely through any browser and specific to booking good neighbours transport and tasks, managing that data and providing reports.

Arranging social lifts has never been simpler

Arranging volunteers for a "Good Neighbours", "Communicare" or "Neighbourcare" group has never been simpler. GNTM has been designed using proper relational data, the latest technologies and decades of experience with users.

The Good Neighbours Office

GNTM doesn't need a physical office. GNTM can easily be a combination of a physical office and a virtual office. This gives the benefits of personal contact during the day and also an out of hours service when a client has an emergency or late change.

Good Neighbours Transport Manager ( GNTM )
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