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The Development Team

The Team

GNTM is supported by a small team of dedicated developers. We all operate from our own homes so our overheads are minimal and this keeps costs down whilst enabling a quick response if ever one is needed.

Brian Jones


Brian has over 25 years as a Database Developer and IT Manager and currently drives for two local Good Neighbours groups. Brian enjoys walking in the countryside, all sorts of music and playing with his grandchildren.

Alex Wilkes


Alex is a hands-on Product Manager with 10 years of development and design experience in startups, SMBs and enterprises. He has worked on a variety of websites and mobile apps. In his spare time Alex enjoys cycling and playing around with new technologies.

Matt Childs


Matt is a Software Engineer and recovering Management Consultant, with 10 years experience. He has worked with modern web technologies building and supporting applications supporting thousands of customers in over 20 companies. When not at his keyboard, you can find him running around the Berkshire countryside.

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