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Testimony from Users

Stotfold Good Neighbours Group

SGNG is a very busy Good Neighbour Group providing much needed support to our local community. We have over 300 clients and forty volunteers.

We started using GNTM at the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020 and during this difficult time the database has been particularly useful to our phone managers and Trustees. Compared to our previous paper-based system, is so much quicker to enter data into GNTM, register new clients, record requests for support and to cross-reference information. Data is stored securely, retrieved easily and it is so brilliant to be able to produce the reports within a couple of minutes. We have never looked back!

The database provides us with excellent control of all information. It is a reliable system that is really simple to use. The calendar function in particular is so helpful as we can keep track of all interactions between clients, volunteers and activities at the click of a button. It offers us an automated email facility, flags up important notes and maps of locations of clients, volunteers and destinations.

Brian has been very supportive, he has always been willing to listen to our requirements and has worked with us to customise GNTM to our needs. I hope he appreciates how much his work has benefitted our group and knows that SGNG is keen to let other GNGs know about GNTM and the benefits, in both time and effort saved, by use of the database. It has been great working with him, we can’t thank him enough.

GNTM has made the administration of our support line so much more efficient, we thoroughly recommend it.

Wendy Craig - Chair, Stotfold Good Neighbour Group (SGNG)

Ringwood Good Neighbours

Our old trip management system ran on an ageing laptop and required the same data to be repeatedly typed in, taking an absolute age. GNTM has changed all that. Now we can set up a trip for a client with no more than half a dozen keystrokes and a few mouse clicks, it couldn’t be simpler. Best of all it doesn’t require a dedicated computer, just any device with Internet access, even a mobile phone! It has made our operation so much more efficient.

Adding new clients, destinations and volunteers is equally simple and very secure. The management reporting system allows us to record the income, expenditure and miles per trip and see a summary of the totals for whatever date ranges we choose. Various useful analytical reports can be produced in relation to clients, drivers, and destinations. Drivers find the secure calendar system particularly helpful.

The support we've received from Brian has been superb. Our original data was transferred seamlessly, and he’s made a number of tweaks to suit our way of working. Put simply, it’s been a great move for us and our clients.

Rod Edwards - Chair, Ringwood Good Neighbours

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